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Sherlyn’s Second Butt Job!

While other celebrities are busy in getting boob jobs done… Sherlyn Chopra is surely being ‘outrageous’ by getting a butt job done… and that too not perfect!

Sherlyn wanted to make her butt rounder and plump like that of Jennifer Lopez’s, but something got ‘lost in translation’… after her first surgery.

According to Dr John Bernard from California who was the architect of the operation, “Sherlyn began exercising and working out too soon. We had recommended a rest period of three weeks. However, Sherlyn was in a hurry to start work on her new music video (Dard) and began her dance practise and rehearsals way too soon.

The newly injected fat which was sucked out of her thighs didn’t get time to settle down into the Gluteus which are the muscles of the butt region. As a result the shape and contours of Sherlyn’s derriere got distorted from what was originally planned and intended thus necessitating another surgery.”

In the end, what was done was to postpone the shooting of the video for two weeks to make room for a correctional surgery.

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So, sad… Sherlyn! You gotta wait some more for the rest of the world to have a good look at your ‘J Lo Bottom’!

“I would be lying if I said no. My natural derriere was not big enough as per my standards, and I wanted to augment it to make it look plumper. The world can see it very soon in my second video titled Dard . I hope it’s a perfect gift for all my lovers in India and abroad.”

One thing I’m sure is she doesn’t need a boob job or may be a nose job… which other Bollywood celebs are getting done, but she’s making no bones about getting her derriere bigger, while others go for firmer or smaller!

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