Bored of hearing what Bollywood stars have to say? Then I have this edition of ‘Top Celeb Quotes’, painted in Hollywood colors. Go on and read all the interesting stuff, spoken carefully, keeping in mind the scores of cameras watching!

Best five celeb quotes-

kid rock

“He’ll have to restrain his hair.”
A Waffle House employee, on new hire Kid Rock’s locks


“She looks at me and says, ‘Nice top shelf.’ That was one of the greatest days of my life.”
Justin Timberlake, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, on baring his bottom for inductee Madonna

david beckham 300x400

“Do not pull them up tight and have your bulge showing. Let it hang!”
Victoria Beckham, on the proper way to wear jeans, to DNR

catherin zeta jones300

“I haven’t actually reached my sexiest point yet.”
Catherine Zeta-Jones, on aging gracefully

jim carrey400

“You always want to point out the elephant in the room.”
Jim Carrey, dressed as Dr. Seuss’ Horton the Elephant, on American Idol