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MTV Roadies 5.0 – Bored?

The craziest reality show in India right now is surely MTV Roadies 5.0 which has been generating higher TRPs week-by-week for the channel, thanks largely to the young crowd.

Though this season has been branded ‘boring’ by many of their loyal followers, the spark of the brand is still burning.

Barring Ashu and Vikrant (who got voted out early on), this years’ Roadies lacks the team spirit and the enthusiasm visible in previous seasons. Oddly, this year the auditions were tougher but the results are dismal to stay the least.
The girls (Shambhavi in particular) have stooped to an all time low!

MTV Roadies 5.0

Shambhavi is clearly the favourite of the critics. Labelled self-obsessed and lacking self-respect and dignity. Does not possess a strong personality and instead solely uses the male contestants to survive on this show.

The two girls look like they are in some beauty contest and use the ‘F’ word as their style statement!

I think the entire concept of Roadies is a farce…the contestants do everything but ride bikes and very rarely will you see them on the streets…they are mostly in their rooms b*tching about each other. Looks like this is the main driving force of the show. One girl even said during the auditions that if they will select her for the show, she’ll b*tch more and more about others and even fight to raise their TRPs!

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What’s more interesting is that the inventor and the creator of the show is Raghu Ram, who has hate communities dedicated to him all over Orkut and Facebook and is commonly called the ‘Rudest Man on Earth’.

More than a reality show involving physical tasks and chemistry between each other… you watch it to see how the strangers turn into friends, enemies, maybe even lovers!

Perhaps, this show should be renamed as “MTV’s Desi Politicians.”

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