I just told you about the Belgian model Debbie wardrobe malfunction at the ongoing Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in New Delhi.

While the debate over the alleged ‘publicity stunt’-styled wardrobe malfunction is still going on… I have finally found a video of the same. We have pictures also but, you know it’s more visible in a video! You might wanna watch it on your discretion!

wardrobe malfunction debbie 1

The blue outfit wore by Debbie is certainly very interesting but, if it’s not a human error and really a technical glitch… I guess I would make a pass on this one.

Even though Debbie showed presence of mind by pulling back her dress and walking without breaking stride, but enough was revealed, which you can call more than slip… which was essentially the case of Carol Gracias wardrobe malfunction two years back at Lakme Fashion Week.

This one is real and it has never happened in India before, if I’m right.

Though the fashion fraternity is saying it’s no big deal, but going about the amount of hype and publicity Carol garnered at that time… Debbie, a relatively new face in the Indian fashion scene, will surely be talked about in the coming days… or at least then, when another wardrobe malfunction happens!

Debbie Wardrobe Malfunction Video!