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Wardrobe Malfunction: Debbie Photos!

Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week India saw another wardrobe malfunction this year when the top worn by model Debbie slipped off her shoulder, exposing her left breast. Debbie wardrobe malfunction has again put the limelight on the sensitive issue, apparently new in the Indian fashion scene.

At the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week at Delhi, Belgian model Debbie’s split second slip-up was snapped by the photographers and this will be the highlight of the fashion show as far as media coverage of the event this year is concerned.

The incident occurred during designed Rajesh Pratap Singh’s round. The designer was in Paris, styling Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s opera.

Fashion Design Council of India, the organizing body of WIFW, which has prided itself on never having a repeat of a Carol Gracias-like slip-up that happened at the Lakme India Fashion Week in 2006, was left red-faced too. And this time, the peek-a-boo was even more telling.

I guess it’s time for WFW to learn something from LFW, which had made it mandatory for models to wear n*pple tapes and had asked show directors to cut the lights in case of a malfunction.

So, what was everyone saying?

“Its no big deal”, “get over it” and “lets look forward” are what members of the fashion fraternity are saying about the unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

“It is very normal and can happen to you or me in real life as well. What we would have done in the same situation is what the model also did – she pulled up the sleeve and walked back confidently,” model Anchal Oberoi told IANS.

During Varun Bahl’s show the same day, model Shamita’s shoe slipped as she began walking. But she simply took off her other shoe and walked with the pair in her hand.

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