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Minnie Driver Pregnant

Actress Minnie Driver has confirmed, during a television interview, that she is expecting her first child. I congratulate Minnie on her pregnancy.

The British actress revealed her pregnancy on Thursday in an interview on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Driver, 38, admitted she was pregnant after Leno poked fun at her weight, asking if she had been on too many buffet trips.

She said: “Are you calling me fat? You’ve noticed my tummy haven’t you?”

Leno then asked the actress if she was pregnant. “Yes I am,” Driver revealed, beaming with delight.

But wait… who’s the father?

Well, the Good Will Hunting star remained tight-lipped regarding the identity of the baby’s father. She told Leno that she wanted to keep the father private and away from the media glare, declining to reveal his name.

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Over the years, Driver has been romantically linked to the likes of John Cusack, Criss Angel and her “Good Will Hunting” co-star Matt Damon. She was also engaged to Josh Brolin in 2001.

Driver was on the show as a guest and a musical guest, performing “Mockingbird” from her album “Seastories.”

And while Driver said she loves being pregnant, she admitted that there is one part of the process she could do without.

“I don’t know why they call it morning sickness. I am sick morning, noon and night,” she joked. “But it’s a fair trade off.”

Miinie is currently enjoying success in the States in ‘The Riches’ opposite Eddie Izzard, and was recently rewarded with both a Golden Globe nomination and Emmy nomination.

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