Henry Hager, son of John Henry Hager, and Jenna Bush are going to make it official on May 10th at the famous Crawford brush ranch. See Henry Hager photos, biography, and confession video here.

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Henry Hager: Jenna Bush Fiancé

President Bush has joked about his daughter’s upcoming wedding to her fiancé Henry Hager.

“I had to face some very difficult spending decisions and I’ve had to conduct sensitive diplomacy. That’s called planning for a wedding,” he joked.

Jenna and Henry had been dating two years when they got engaged in August of last year.

Henry Hager Biography

29-year-old Henry Hager is the son of John H. Hager, who is a former Virginia lieutenant governor and Virginia’s first director of homeland security. The elder Hager is the U.S. Education Department assistant secretary.

Henry has an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University.

It is unclear when Henry and Jenna started dating, although reports suggest that they were together beginning in 2004. They publicly came out as a couple in 2005 during inauguration festivities. Henry started out as an intern at the White House for Karl Rove, then moved on to the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign. Henry will be completing his Master’s Degree in Business Education at the University of Virginia’s Darden School this fall.

“He’s a nice guy, a smart guy, an ambitious guy,” a Bush adviser told us. “Well liked, popular.”

Anyway, it is possible that the happiness evidenced by newlyweds Charles and Camilla inspired Henry and Jenna to start thinking about marriage and now that he’s sure to get married with her, Henry will continue to be talked about!

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