Heath Ledger and Michelle

Heath Ledger’s Will

Heath Ledger’s family has called on its members to remain quiet after claims that the Heath Ledger’s will left nothing for ex-lover Michelle Williams and their daughter Matilda.

Ledger’s family spokesperson Adene Cassidy, who is staying with the family in LA, said:

“It is sad at this extremely difficult time when we are grieving at the loss of our beloved son that estranged members of the family have taken it upon themselves to discuss private family matters for which they had never been privy in the past or at the present. We hope for Matilda’s sake that these family members will refrain from comments in the future.”

Ledger’s uncles have claimed that his two-year-old daughter, Matilda, and her mother, actress Michelle Williams, 27, will not get a share of the estate because the Brokeback Mountain star left all his money to his parents and sisters.

“I’m concerned for Matilda,” said one of the uncles, Hadyn Ledger. “I have concerns about the distribution of funds.

Reports have surfaced that a three-page will, lodged with a Manhattan court, was written three years before Ledger’s beloved daughter Matilda Rose was born.

The uncles estimated their nephew’s estate would be worth $20 million after his earnings from the latest “Batman” movie were calculated.

matilda with dad

Though, Heath’s dad Kim Ledger moved quickly to deny his granddaughter and Michelle Williams would be left without an inheritance and said Matilda was his family’s absolute priority.

“Matilda is our absolute priority and Michelle is an integral part of our family … They will be taken care of and that’s how Heath would want it to be,” Kim Ledger says in the statement.

But, uncles have warned Michelle she may have to fight for her daughter’s right! This is outright crap… considering Heath would have never wanted this situation to happen, if he had any clue.

Michelle could challenge the will on behalf of Matilda, although I am not entirely familiar with Australian trusts and estates law, where Heath’s greater estate belongs to.

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