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Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures!

I was surfing here and there, coz’ I really couldn’t find anything worth posting. So, I found these really amazing Kim Kardashian Bikini Pictures… which might interest you (I’m being a pessimist!)

I must say, Kim Kardashian is one of those women, who are gifted with perfect figure and mind-blowing stats. Other than her large cup-size, she’s been talked more about her huge ass.

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It’s hard to comprehend how that ass doesn’t have satellites revolving around it in orbit. To quote a line from So I Married an Axe Murder: “It’s huge! It’s a veritable planetoid. It’s got it’s own weather system. It’s like Sputnik; Spherical but quite pointy in parts.”

That is so funny! I couldn’t stop laughing when I first read that.

Kim is quite busy these days to honor her commitment for the reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians‘, on channel E!

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After spending Thursday night helping Eva Longoria open up her new restaurant, Kim Kardashian flew across the country for a Friday night party in honor of her reality show’s second season, with football stud boyfriend Reggie Bush.

When asked what’s on tap for the upcoming season, the Beverly Hills socialite with the to-die-for derriere replied:

“You’d be sur­prised. When the cameras are running, we might plan for certain things, but totally different stuff starts happening. So this time, we [didn’t] plan anything.”

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