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Ashlee Simpson New Peony Tattoo

When Ashlee Simpson made an appearance on Washington D.C. radio on Tuesday morning, it was not just her slurred speech which shocked many of her listeners, but also her new peony tattoo made many headlines.

The peony is the sole genus in a specific flowering plant family.

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Ashlee says she got it inked on Monday night and there was no particular meaning behind it.
“I just wanted it”

She sounded drunk when she slurred her words, and could remember lyrics to her own song. Ashlee blames “a crazy hectic schedule” and felt uncomfortable with the station’s atmosphere and hosts. She even made an apology on her MySpace blog about being in bad shape on radio but denied being drunk.

The funny part is people are insisting she was drunk just because she got an ugly tattoo!

She even got a huge ugly lame tattoo that drunk people get.

Ashlee responded to these rumours:

“It is my belief that they automatically assumed that because I got a tattoo I must have drank that night. I would never get a tattoo after drinking nor would a reputable tattoo artist do a tattoo after someone was drinking.”

I must say, whatever I’ve read… people are convinced, she was drunk. The irony is that the new tattoo, Ashlee wanted everyone to see at the Radio station… just made the matters worse.

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