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Perry Ullman, I’m Sorry For You!

He might have become famous overnight because of a pop queen’s love triangle, but for Perry Ullman, everything wasn’t right after all.

Perry was dumped by his girlfriend Amanda Pagel, on a phone call broadcasted on national television… and that too for a random photographer who fucked Britney!

Perry’s previous phone calls to his girlfriend in LA have not gone so well. She hasn’t exactly kicked him to the curb, but it’s pretty obvious he’s not lighting her fire anymore.

He was a random nobody who appeared in some reality show (Make Me A Supermodel), people don’t even like to watch… but now things have changed for Mr. Perry Ullman.

I’m really sorry for the harsh break-up ‘coz I know how much he had loved Amanda.

You know what’s the real irony of the whole thing?

Perry doesn’t even know, what went wrong and what’s going on with Amanda. He’s dis-connected from the outside world with no internet or phones, while he’s doing the reality show for might be another three weeks, since I think he’s got a good chance.

But, at least in one aspect, it was right. Amanda must be a real b*tch, who left her loving ‘nobody’ boyfriend for a ‘somebody’ paparazzo, who at least knows in which position Britney Spears likes to play!

She didn’t deserve Perry at all!

I really wish, the guy who’s all of 22, goes on to doing bigger and more meaningful things. I think he’s got a real chance in being a supermodel… and I would like to wish him good luck!

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