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Rakhi Sawant: Wardrobe Malfunction! (Photo: santabanta.com)

It’s not exactly what you are thinking… and no, I don’t have ‘Rakhi Sawant sans topped pictures’, actually it’s Rakhi’s footwear that I’m talking about.

Rakhi was recently seen at an awards show of a popular radio station in a black and silver dress.

Now, I’m not criticizing her dress… it was ok (She was wearing a flashy black and silver thigh-length gown, sporting a deep V-neck) if you keep in mind, it was Rakhi’s choice to wear it! But what shocked everyone was that the dumb girl was wearing two different sandals – one black coloured and the other a silver one!


Well, it was not exactly a wardrobe malfunction, but I guess (I know it’s obvious!), she wanted them to match with her two-coloured dress.

So now, besides giving controversial statements, this lass has also been in news for her outrageous taste for mix and match with her costumes.

“I’ve always been a trendsetter. I believe in standing out from the crowd.”

The interesting thing that happened was Rakhi was with his ex-boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi, all the time she was there. I guess everything has been sorted out after their break-up on Valentines’ Day, when Rakhi slapped him when he went to meet her with TV cameras capturing everything.

Rakhi entered the function holding Abhishek’s hand. Through out the show, she remained close to Abhishek and with everybody’s surprise she declared that Abhishek’s six-pack looks better than Saif’s!

Everyone was shocked by the nature of the statement.

But, you know… how she is!

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