Celebs know how to speak and what to speak in movies. But that’s what they are paid to say… what’s more important is what they say off the screen!

So, from today we are starting a new section in which we will be posting five most interesting yet inspiring celeb qoutes every week.[tags][/tags]

These are the first five quotes-

shah rukh

“I only work with producers who put their money where their mouth is.

If I’m making a film, I won’t think twice about blowing up a Rolls Royce. I would love to blow up five of them in my film, if required.

But if am buying a watch worth even a lakh-and-a-half rupees for our personal use.”

Shahrukh Khan on the kind of film producer he is.

vidya balan

“Om Shanti Om has Shahrukh and I can’t be objective about him.

He’s so charming.

But I’ve done just two special appearances with him.”

Vidya Balan on Shah Rukh Khan.

Katrina Kaif

“It’s so stupid to think like that, specially now when I have Namastey London to my credit.

Subhashji (Subhash Ghai) offered me the role because he liked my work in Namastey London.”

Katrina Kaif
defends allegations that boyfriend Salman Khan helps ‘fix’ roles for her.

Bipasha Basu

“As for the end credits placement, I got many calls and SMSes that the audience stopped and walked back to see the song…(laughs)

It’s another story that very few people actually went to see No Smoking.”

Bipasha Basu on the significant exposure she received in No Smoking.


“People don’t even recognize me! I have to say ‘Hello, it’s me!’

Someone even told me I should wear my name tag!

Yes, I feel like a completely different person.”

Adnan Sami on his weight loss.

So, these were the few gems from this week (I really liked what Katrina said!)… stay tuned for more.