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Chandramukhi: Rajinikanth Rules Again!

If you’re too bored because there is no other movie than Jodhaa Akbar to watch in theatres, then you should buy tickets for mega-star Rajinikanth’s new(rather old) movie, Chandramukhi.

The super-duper hit Tamil movie which released a couple of years back is now dubbed in Hindi and releases across cinemas today.

Chandramukhi, directed by P.Vasu, stars superstar Rajinikanth playing an eccentric psychiatrist along with south sensation Jyothika and Sonu Sood (who was last seen as Ash’s brother in Jodhaa Akbar). The movie which has won 5 National awards is a spooky supernatural thriller.

Ya… you guessed it right. It was the original movie on which Akshay Kumar’s super-hit Bhool Bhulaiyaa was based. But what you wouldn’t know is that even Chandramukhi itself borrows its premise from the Malayalam film Manachitratazhu starring Shobhana!

And so the legend continues in Indian movie industry!

The story starts with a haunted palace and a 150-year-old legend. A cruel king lusts for a beautiful dancer, Chandramukhi, and forces her to be his mistress. But she continues her relationship with her true love. When the king finds out, he beheads the lover and burns her alive. Years later, Prabhu, who is also the producer of the movie and Jyotika buy the palace and move in. Rajnikanth plays Prabhu’s friend and psychiatrist, a doctor who never forgets he is a superstar.


Surprisingly, it’s Jyotika who dominates the show, not Rajnikanth. For most of the film, she plays her normal, mischievous self.

But she steals the scene when she lets out a blood curdling, ‘Lakk…lakkk…lakk…lakkk…’

Regarding performances, Prabhu is adequate. Jyothika is excellent in the last half an hour of the film. Nayana Tara is sensuous and wore sarees.

Music by Vidya Sagar is mediocre but the background music is good for scary scenes.

No doubt, Chandramukhi, a real ‘Chandran’ of the movies released on the festive occasion will cast exuberance in the minds of the Tamil movie buffs. After regaling countless fans in Mumbai with Sivaji: The Boss, Tamil superstar Rajnikanth is all set to win hearts again with the dubbed version of his Tamil blockbuster Chandramukhi.

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