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When Sheetal Menon took a fancy to classical dancing as a child, little did she know that it would propel her to the world of modeling and films.

Sheetal makes her Bollywood debut in Pawan Kaul’s Bhram, alongside more popular models Dino Morea and Milind Soman. The movie is ready for a few months and ready to hit the screens.

“My father, Mukundan Menon, was a military official. He passed away in 1988 during a routine exercise. That came to us as a shock. But being an army man’s daughter, I knew how to be tough, and my family overcame that crisis,” Sheetal tells about herself.

“After my father’s death, my mother, Premlatha, took up a job with the army in Nashik where my father was posted,” she adds.

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Then she took to dancing and became famous at college level. Now that she got fame for her looks and her talent… modeling was an obvious choice. So, the girl shifted to Mumbai and landed a number of modeling assignments like Clinic Shampoo, Cinthol, Tanish and Asmi.

She got a break when she was asked to pose for the Kingfisher 2005 calendar. It was a very important tun in her life and catapulted her to the world of Bollywood.

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“I can act,” Sheetal says confidently, adding, “I had joined acting classes when I was modelling in Mumbai. When I got the opportunity, I just could not say no. Plus, the downside about modelling is that you have a very short career.”

Now that she’s in this dream world… how could she be away from controversies! Sheetal is said to be the reason behind the split of John and Bipasha. Tell her and she shoots back:

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“Look, I had done only one ad commercial with John Abraham and so I had to suffer so much. Today, if people link my name to Dino Morea I would definitely feel bad. All that was said and written were fictitious and I had nothing to do with it. I really don’t know John well, but if people like to spread rumors, what can I do?”

If you don’t know, this sexy babe has been again called up to do the Kingfisher calender, who are said to never repeat their models!

“I too felt very nice when I was called to work for the calendar for the second time. It was an honor for me as it is such a campaign that everyone concerned looks forward to what will be the next change or who would be the next model. The King Fisher calendar is not only distributed in India, but 50 other countries. So, through this campaign we not only reach very far, but also become familiar to many people.”

The music of the film Bhram is out. The promos of the film are already on air. Let us keep our fingers crossed and hope that both, Sheetal and the film do well.

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