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As the pros and cons on Lindsay Lohan appearing as Marilyn Monroe for New York mag continue apace, Lindsay is being tempted to continue her image ahead by none other than Playboy’s Hugh Hefner.

“Hugh Hefner wants Miss Lohan to appear in Playboy, recreating Marilyn Monroe’s famous swim from her ‘Something’s Got to Give’ movie. Her curves have proved quite popular since she recently stripped off in a New York magazine shoot. The racy shots proved so popular that the magazine’s website crashed under the massive volume of hits.”

After the famous (or rather infamous!) “The Last Sitting” photo shoot for NY magazine, by Lindsay, to pay homage to Monroe, this might just be the sequel with Lohan swimming to give the incomplete movie, a suitable ending.

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“Playboy’s Hugh Hefner has offered the young star the chance to re-create Marilyn’s famed swim from the unfinished film ‘Something’s Got To Give.”

Her mother Dina Lohan said she was very proud of her young daughter’s decision to pose in her fist photo series so this may be a very easy decision for the star of “I Know Who Killed Me“.

One thing is for sure… Hefner knows just how to entice Lohan too, he wants her to pose as Marilyn again!

Lohan didn’t took anything for the NY mag shoot because she really wanted to pay Marilyn, homage, even as Forbes reports that the pictures were worth half-a-million dollars to the magazine based on the number of hits they got on their website (that’s freakin’ more than forty million in two days!)

But, will she or won’t she do it… we’ll get to know in some days.

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