Bollywood doesn’t need to look for a house, if the industry wants to move somewhere else. What better place can it find than London??

London Mayor Ken Livingstone is so moved by the growth of Indian films in the recent times, that he suggests Bollywood must move to London’s Olympic site after 2012.

“We are keen to sell it. If you are interested in placing an order we might even build it to your specifications. We are not building a temporary facility. We aim to create a permanent new site in London, absolutely state-oftheart for film and TV production.”

Mayor, who is in Mumbai, for the signing of an agreement to boost links between the London and Mumbai film industries, visited the set of a new film production of Aladdin in which Amitabh Bachchan plays the genie. He was given the honorary task of starting scene 17, take four, by snapping the clapperboard.
“It’s the first useful thing I have done all day,” he joked.

Already UK box office takings from Indian films stand at £12 million a year.

Mr Adrian Wootton, chief executive of Film London, said: “In the last three years there has been a dramatic escalation as Indian films have been far more ambitious and because London and the UK are such big box office for Bollywood films – the biggest outside India.”

It’s a very good news that overseas, people have started to realize the power and potential of Indian film industry, apart from it’s economy.

Just yesterday only we broke the news about major English football club Chelsea planning to engage more with Bollywood to increase it’s brand awareness in South Asia.

Let’s see what’s more is in store for Bollywood in the coming days.