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Huma Khan Arrested For Sexual Harassment (photo:

Maine Pyar Kiya fame actress Huma Khan has been arrested in Mumbai for allegedly abetting a person accused of kidnapping and raping a minor.

Police sources said that Huma Khan along with her brother forcefully took a twelve-year-old girl, who was working as a maid servant in Khan’s house, to Pune where the minor was raped by Khan’s brother.

Huma has been sent to five-day judicial custody after being charged with the Mira Road police.

The complaint was registered by a twelve-year-old maidservant, who worked for the actress at Bhayendar in neighbouring district of Thane. Inspector Bharat Jadhav of Mira Road police station informed that the accused and her so-called brother Samir Sheikh had taken the victim to Pune, where Samir had allegedly raped the minor several times in presence of the actress. Samir is also in police custody.

“The wounds on the girl’s body are terrible. It is highly evident that she had been beaten mercilessly and also singed with lit cigarettes on almost all parts of her body, including her tongue. The girl claimed she was raped by Sheikh. She told us that she had been raped three times by him during the period she was in Pune,” police officials said.

Huma appeared in a string of C-grade films in the late 80s and 90s. She was seen in many horror films made by the Ramsay brothers—roles that often had her playing ghosts in white sarees.