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Britney Pregnant With Adnan’s Baby!

Britney Spears is reportedly pregnant with paparazzi boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

The claims appear in the current edition of U.S. magazine Star, alongside pictures of Spears with what appears to be a bulging tummy.

A source said: “Adnan’s boasting that he’s going to be a dad.

“Britney is his dream come true. He knows that if she has a child with her, he’d be made for life.”

It seems like Adnan feels that he could earn some real decent cash payments because of her baby, but that would probably be settled in court only.

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The troubled singer has been in and out of the hospital twice in the past six weeks, I’m pretty sure during all the tests they would have seen some signs of pregnancy before now. She’s barely even had contact with Adnan the past few weeks and her visitations with the photog were probably supervised by Brit’s dad Jamie anyways.

But then the source added: “She’s been telling people how much she loves Adnan and crowing about having a baby with him.”

It will really be a nightmare for her if she’s pregnant as she’s not in control of her life anyways and she’s still got two children to look after, which she’s been not able to do because of court orders.

Spears has two sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline, Sean, two and 17-month-old Jayden. She and Ghalib, 35, are rumoured to have “married” in secret in Mexico earlier this year.

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