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Deepika Padukone Splits Up With Yuvraj

This might be a break-up people don’t care about.

Not because Deepika and Yuvraj are low-list celebs but simply because they didn’t really know if in the first case, there was a relationship or it was just a rumour.

But, the truth is that Fresh Face Of The Year Deepika Padukone and cricketer Yuvraj Singh were deeply in love before Deepika decided to call off the relationship because of Yuvraj’s over-possessiveness towards her.

Deepika was serious about her relationship with Yuvi. The fact that she was seen with him in public places in spite of the media craze on her is revealing enough. However, she is not comfortable with Yuvi’s possessive attitude. She couldn’t give enough time for him following the success of Om Shanti Om and Yuvi though that she has diverted her attention.

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It might sound a bit strange but… yes, it was Deepika who dumped the guy!

Yuvi realized that their relationship was over when Deepika did not attend to his calls. The news is doing the rounds that they met later and decided to split.

Doesn’t seem like a big deal for Deepika who had very short affairs with Dhoni and Yuvraj… both of them cricketers. I don’t know what is she up to now. I’ve heard debutant Ranbir Kapoor is the new guy in her life. God bless him!

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