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Hot Quotient: Meghna Naidu

Remember Meghna Naidu??

Meghna shot to limelight instantly after the release of her super-hit music video “Kaliyon Ka Chaman“, showing her dancing erotically amongst flowers and other not-so-sexy girls.

The effect of the lone video and also the song was so great that Meghna got Bollywood offers such as Hawas(2004) and Rain(2005).

According to Wikipedia-

Meghna Naidu is an Indian actress originally from the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. She was born in Vijayawada. She had an overnight stardom by her music video “Kaliyon Ka Chaman”. Meghana Naidu got a big fan base in South India. She has acted in 6 to 8 movies in Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam.

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There is just one word to sum up Meghna- “Voluptuous”.

The girl’s ultra-cool attitude about shedding clothes and her big natural boobs, set up her image as the next sex-icon in the entertainment industry.

“If someone refers to me as the sexiest girl in the film industry, I take immense pleasure in it. I have no problems if I have to go nude. I am ready to strip completely before the camera in case the role demands something like that.”

Nice… ahh??

Meghna Naidu

Apart from telling a crowd of 50-60 that she can go nude anytime, if needed, Meghna had the guts to share her fantasies with a national news channel!

“Among the wildest fantasies I have is to get into a bathing tub with Salman Khan. He’s so hot and sexy that once I am in the tub with him, I’ll never come out. What I do with him is something that I want to keep secret.”

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The hot babe shot many bold scenes for her movie Bad Friend. In fact, Meghna claimed that some of her shots in the movie would knock many off their chairs.

But what hit her back was that Meghna found herself digitally stripped in the promotional posters of the movie. It turned out that her clothes in the photos were intentionally morphed short to make them more eye-catching.

She was left shocked by that incident and she reportedly filed a case against the director.

Meghna has not been in the limelight for a long time.

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