This is a very nice feature I stumbled upon today and you would be amazed at the price that these celeb assets command. But, are they really worth it?… Have a look and decide yourselves:

Mariah Carey

mariah carey

Mariah is famous for flaunting her boobs but right now we’re talking about her legs. These are a pair of drool-worthy legs. But are they worth $1 billion? Yup, that was the amount Miss Carey insured them for after being signed up to front Gillette’s Legs Of A Goddess campaign.

Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez

Now, this may be more fiction than fact. Rumours were rife that the Latino beauty had insured her booty for $1 billion. Her representatives insisted it never happened.

Heidi Klum

heidi klum

The supermodel and star of the new hit show Project Runway has her long and sexy legs insured for $2 million.

And this one’s my personal favourite…

Dolly Parton

dolly parton

Ahem, country singer Dolly Parton twin assets are just as responsible for her fame as her voice is. These 42-inch breasts are worth $600,000 (for $300,000 each!).

I know it’s shocking to insure your body parts for upto one billion dollars… but you know these are the assets that these celebrities posses because of which we talk about them!