mahima choudhary

Mahima Chaudhary was one of the most beautiful and successful actresses in Bollywood a few years ago. At the time when “Pardes” was released (1997), people flocked to theatres just to see her playing a role which matched her looks and personality perfectly – a small town Indian girl married to a rich NRI in United States, fighting the so-called “modern culture” to preserve her dignity.

The same girl is now happily married and mother of a baby girl. Mahima is enjoying her motherhood very much and also plans to write a book on it someday.

Mahima was in New Delhi recently to support Godrej Ezee Raahat – Ek Abhiyaan, a winter wear donation drive. There she expressed her desire to get back into shape and probably into films also.

“I am trying my level best to get back in shape. However, I will do it steadily. I have hired a trainer. Since I am feeding the baby I cannot remain hungry and can work out for half an hour at the max. I never went away from Bollywood, I was doing endorsements and will do more films once my baby is a year old. To start with, I am looking for a romantic comedy.”

Her daughter, Ariyana, is five months old.

I wish her all the best for her comeback into Bollywood and guess people will be no less excited to see her again into films, as they are to see Madhuri Dixit!