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“I Would Help Set Britney straight” – Heidi Klum

Britney Spears should not forget that she’s still got many friends around her in these troubled days.

The one who is literally ‘around’ is her neighbor, supermodel Heidi Clum.

Heidi says she would like Britney to stay at their place and she would definitely try to help her to get back her life on track.

“She can call me and come live in our house with us for a couple of months. I would help set her straight,” Klum, who was born in Germany, tells broadcaster ARD in an interview set to air Monday in her native country, the Associated Press reports.

Now… that is quite an invitation… people do care about her and her restless life.

“I am sorry when a young person gets thrown so off track. She has, of course, lived an extremely wild life,” adds Klum.

Klum, 34, a mother of three, thinks Britney can really benefit from her stable household. She has been married to singer Seal.

“I have never been as happy as I am today,” says Klum. “I have found the man of my life, and we have three great kids. They are all so different and fantastic that it really can’t get better than this.”

Britney however seem to be quite relieved these days and spent the weekend in the company of her father and her assistant Brett inside her Beverly Hills home. She’s been kept under Jamie Spears’ conservatorship for a month by a Los Angeles County Superior Court commissioner.

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