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Sanjay-Manyata Marriage Put On Hold

It was the most-talked about wedding in Bollywood when the news broke in, but Sanjay Dutt and Manyata might have to face trouble over the validity of their matrimony.

An allegedly fudged residence certificate and the absence of divorce documents have put a question mark on the legal validity of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt’s marriage with Manyata in Goa.

The residence certificate of Manyata is under investigation as it didn’t have the signature of the ‘mamlatdar‘, the official who issues the certificate. The residence certificate, submitted by Manyata saying she had stayed in Goa for six months, has only the signature of ‘talathi‘ (a lower level revenue official). The ‘talathi‘ has been suspended for issuing an “illegal” residence certificate.

Asked Sanjay about it and there he shoots out-

“It’s the weirdest rumour I have heard recently, that my marriage to Manyata is not legal. Can anyone please explain this to me? We married in a proper ceremony. We didn’t hide this from anyone. The media has the photographs.. we have spoken about it. So what’s the problem?”

Anyways, Sanjay has already faced a lot of trouble because of the ‘secret wedding’ in which his own sister didn’t come and his daughter didn’t know about!

Then there are rumours about Manyata being pregnant which, of course, Sanjay denies about.

“I have been reading various reports that she’s expecting a child. I can only say that the media knows more than us at this point. Trust me, there is no truth to this rumour.”

If this was not enough, a guy named Mehraj Shaikh, lodged in a Mumbai jail for allegedly sending vulgar SMSes and threatening Bollywood personalities with extortion demands, claimed before a court that Manyata was his wife and she had not obtained any divorce from him!

Manyata… already has a criminal husband!

Well… whatever be the truth, the wedding has been put on hold.. for at least some time.

Officials say they will not allow the final signature on the marriage, which has to be done within 90 days, till the Mamlatdar (senior administrative officer in district collectorate), clears off the suspension of the residence certificate.

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