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Akbar And Jodhaa Face Backlash Over Marriage!

While Jodhaa Akbar has stormed the domestic as well as international markets with bumper openings in most territories, the movie continues to face fierce backlash over the controversy surrounding the depiction of Jodhabai as Akbar’s wife.

Screening of Jodhaa Akbar has been stopped in multiplexes across the city following protests by the Rajput community.

“Most of the multiplexes have temporarily stopped screening of Jodhaa Akbar after a group of around 25 persons came to all the multiplexes and warned against screening the film,” Manubhai Patel, President of Multiplexs Owners’ Association of Gujarat told PTI.

The protests seem to have reached the Capital yesterday with people of the Rajput community protesting outside PVR cinemas leading to temporarily stopping the screening of the epic movie.

Even in Gujrat, a little-known Rajput organization, Pratap Sena, vandalized a theatre in Naroda area in Ahmedabad on Sunday, and the police had to be called in to control them.

Director Gowarikar says,” It’s really sad that our own country people are behaving like this, I have done my research and as you can see that the facts are right. Because there is so much contradiction and difference in opinion over my work, I have consulted a lot of books written by established historians.”

Despite all the troubled waters that the movie is in, audiences continue to like the great love story.

“I was thrilled to know that a love affair like this existed and that Akbar, the emperor, the conqueror, was such a romantic man,” said student Shonali Saran.

If you look at the overseas market, the film seems to be heading for a half million pounds weekend gross in UK with total overseas gross looking to be 10 crore plus over the weekend.

I don’t think, producers need to be worried, whether Jodhaa was really Akbar’s wife or not… as long as it goes on the track of breaking Box-Office records and makes more money that anyone could have thought of before it’s release.

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