Amisha Patel Maxim Cover

Amisha Patel Is The New Maxim Cover Girl

Amisha Patel is not your average ‘Next Door Girl’ with nothing else but big boobs. Amisha has in fact, donned the cover of Maxim’s February issue with unique style that’s definitely different from Yana Gupta, who’s almost become the default cover girl.

What’s more, the article inside reveals the actress’ hidden secrets like her ideal guy, her (by now famous) pink fixation and even gives all you men out there the much needed green signal that she is single and very much ready to mingle.

The girl has just broken up with producer Vikram Bhatt. Recently, on BBC Asian Network’s ‘Love Bollywood‘ show she told presenters Rajini and Murtz she was ‘single and ready to mingle’ and even advertised what she’s looking for in a man!

“No, Amisha is very single and ready to mingle!” says Amisha… “He should be a really good human being, love me to death, worship the ground I walk on and be intelligent… (laughs)”.

Amisha Patel

I must tell you, she is a woman of substance and not of the page three variety.

Amisha Patel is almost as famous for having taken legal action against her parents as she is for her beauty and acting skills. She has been able to draw on the strength of the extended family when her immediate family failed her.

And I guess, that makes her even more special.

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