When you’re being shown almost half the time of the whole three hour movie… you have to look good! And it’s not just your face, physique or clothing which matters, if you don’t have the right hair-do, you’re missing the cutting edge.

Here are some people who made more headlines because of their hair styles than their movies-

Saif in Tashan


The Chhote Nawab who has been consistent with the short-and-clean look in the recent past, will be sporting sideburns, and that is expected to become the next fashion statement.

Hrithik in Krrish


The green-eyed actor’s superb physique combined with a powerful body language demanded an equally free-spirited hair-do. And when this was delivered, no one could argue that Krrish was India’s answer to the superheroes of the West.

Rani in Hum Tum


Rani had earlier chopped off a great length of her hair in Hum Tum. The cut not just bought out her cuteness, but also played a great role in making her look, a good ten-years younger.

Salman in Tere Naam


A hairdo that raked in big revenues for the movie by playing on the curiosity factor was that of Salman’s in Tere Naam. An actor who was synonymous with style, contemporary fashion and fitness in Bollywood, suddenly opted for a ‘wannabe’ haircut.

Aamir in Dil Chahta Hai


Aamir Khan with his spiked look in Dil Chahta Hai revolutionised the concept of hairstyling among Indian males. Reams of newsprint and reels of tapes, on how his makeover had caught and still continues to catch the fancy of the youth, have already been used.

Preity in Lakshya


Last but not the least, there’s one star in Bollywood whom we cannot afford to miss while talking about experimenting with hair. From long curly locks to poker-straight hair and from blunt cuts to wacky styles, Preity Zinta has tried almost everything. Her most famous hairdo is undoubtedly the one in Lakshya. A really refreshing one, this style bought out a mixture of girlishness combined with a determined woman’s urging to excel.