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Rita G – Playboy Girl In Kanye’s ‘Flashing Lights’ Video (Photo: bikiniriot.com)

If you’ve seen the Kanye West’s new “Flashing Lights” video, then you might be wondering who the seducing vixen is in the not-that-okay video.

Well people… the girl is Rita G., a playboy model.

The video, co-directed by West and Spike Jonze, premiered Wednesday to a lot of fanfare and mixed reviews. The video is dark, portraying Rita G. as a scorn woman who drives into the desert with West in the trunk.

“I have a ‘mini’ fetish. I’m obsessed with all things miniature and tiny. I eat with a baby spoon and sometimes drink wine out of a cute glass the size of a thimble… I wear ‘baby’ tee’s for real – real tight shirts from the kids section.. lol..”

Rita became a nationwide phenomenon after an unprecedented appearance on the Howard Stern E! Television show where Rita magically unveiled the world’s “best natural breasts” with a style all her own! The TV appearances earned powerful ratings, e-mail recognition throughout Stern user groups, and one of the fastest repeat telecasts in the history of the Howard Stern Show.

Aside from possessing the world’s “best natural breast,” Rita happens to be quite the entrepreneur. If you’re in the market for some of her worn underwears she’s got it for cheap on her website. Check out her sales pitch:

“Worn Undies with my personal scent – Only $24.95!”

Go to her website and you would find anything you always wanna know about her.

Courtesy of modeling pictorials in leading magazines including Smooth, Escape, King, Black Men, Black Gold, Lowrider Blvd, a nationally syndicated online sex column, regular appearances on Dr. Dre’s leading Hip Hop radio show called “The After Hour Hot-Spot With Dr. Dre”, and feature appearances on a host of calendars and DVD’s, Rita G. is no longer our little secret.
The video is for the fourth single off of West’s Grammy-award winning album Graduation.

She has been regularly featured in Playboy and Smooth Magazines.

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