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Jodha Akbar Review: A Must Watch!

Directed by Oscar-nominated director Ashutosh Gowarikar, Jodha Akbar is a historical love story featuring superstar Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Akbar and Jodha.

The movie, which took over 2 years to make, has been surrounded by a lot of controversy which helped build up the curiosity level. But the final product itself is very good!

You haven’t watched anything so opulent, so magnificent like this in a long, long time on the Hindi screen. It’s not just body beautiful, but there’s soul as well.

Jodhaa Akbar, a film of epic proportions, is based on the young romance of the greatest emperor of India and her ladylove… a subject which is almost untouched.

Move over the romantic story of Salim and Anarkali in Mughal-E-Azam… let’s talk about his dad and mom!

Jodhaa Akbar leaves you spellbound, enthralled, entranced and awestruck. Ashutosh Gowariker makes the legendary characters come alive on screen. The movie is a bit long… three and a half hours, well very long compared to those Holywood ones you see and write about, but believe me it’s total entertainment… ya, I’ve seen it!

The grandeur of Akbar’s empire and his marital alliance with a Rajput pricess (too bad, the movie was banned in the true Rajput stronghold, the state of ‘Rajasthan’!) which soon coiled into the great love story.

Ashutosh has handled the history very beautifully and A.R. Rahman’s music gels with the theme and the mood of film, gently.

Jodha Akbar

The movie will work because really don’t know about it’s subject and the casting just couldn’t be better. Handsome Hrithik Roshan looks very royal in those traditional Indian shervanis and then you have the most beautiful woman as his love, Aishwarya Rai in colourful and very heavy sarees, who’s conquered the heart of the greatest conquerer!

In all, Jodha Akbar is a brilliant movie and you should get your ass to the nearby theater and watch the epic battles, sword fights, taming of elephants and of course, the love sequences between the most powerful couple of sub-continent… right now!

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