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Maggie Q, Edison Chen Sex Video Leak

It’s been reported that a sex video of Die Hard actress Maggie Q and Edison Chen surfaced on a large HK discussion forum before it was quickly taken down by the forum’s moderators.

Even before the scandal broke, Maggie was widely reported in Hong Kong newspapers to have dated Edison a few years ago.

What’s more… More than 200 previously unreleased obscene pictures, allegedly featuring actor-singer Edison Chen and several well-known female celebrities have also surfaced online.

Three new faces have emerged in the scandal, who appear to be model Rachel Ngan, 25, former beauty pageant contestant Mandy Chan, 31, and singer Candice Chan, 27.

What’s interesting is that, if rumours of the sex tape prove to be true, then Maggie will be the latest big female celebrity to be implicated by the scandal. Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung have not appeared in public since sexually explicit images purportedly of them involved in sex acts with Edison started surfacing on the web Sunday 27 January.

Edison Chen

Looks like, whole lot is going on for Edison!

This is not the first time the 27-year-old actor-singer has been embroiled in a nude photo scandal.

In 2005, Hong Kong’s Next Magazine reported that he had taken nude pictures of himself and posted them on social networking site Friendster.

He was removed from an upcoming movie as a result of the continuing media storm. The police investigation has focused on tracking down the people who are leaking or spreading the images. They have so far arrested eight people under suspicion of distributing the images.

Update: Edison Chen recently admitted that the photos and video of him having sex with Hong Kong actresses were just some mistakes that he made when he was young. He was talking on the CNN’s Talk Asia.

“When you’re young, you do a lot of things you don’t quite comprehend,” he said in an interview on the network’s Talk Asia program. “You think it’s fun. You do it. You don’t really think about the outcome.”

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