Mallika Sherawat

Mallika To Star In A Movie On Christ

Bold and Busty Mallika Sherawat, who changed the whole conception of the image of actresses on-screen, is set to act in a Hollywood movie on Jesus Christ, The Aquarian Gospel.

She will play Saraswati, a loyal friend of Christ, when he travels through India.

The question now being posed is whether or not, Mallika should act in the movie.

I think, it’s clearly a professional choice for her and her decision shouldn’t be intrigued by the religious issue. Jesus is God for me as well as for Mallika. Besides, actors do various kinds of roles according to movies. So, there’s nothing wrong in it.

And then it is not public but media who wants to see an actor in specific kinda roles so that the gossipers could make money targeting the actors. She was very good from her very first movie,and given a chance with good direction this girl can do wonders.

The film is based on Jesus Christ’s life (especially his early years) and will be directed by Australian filmmaker, Drew Heriot, who earlier directed the smash hit feature, The Secret.

As per media reports, Heriot’s film will show Jesus’s journey from Israel through India, Tibet, Persia, Greece and Egypt. There are many theories constructed about Christ’s life between 13 and 30, though the Bible is silent about that.

Mallika has earlier played an Indian princess from the period era in The Myth with Jackie Chan.

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