Chelsea FC

Major English Premiership football club Chelsea plans to capitalize on Bollywood’s increasing popularity to score over millions of South Asians including those who reside in UK.

According to Peter Kenyon, CEO of Chelsea F.C., the twice winner of UEFA Cup and current FA Cup champions, the Fullham based club is looking to bet big on the largest film industry in the world, to increase it’s brand awareness in the sub-continent region.

I think it’s a very strategic move to increase professional football franchisee in this part of the world since sub-continent has some really good talent which is still untapped and over-shadowed by the status of cricket.
Chelsea also plans to train Indian coaches at the international level in order to give proper exposure to this pool of talent.

Chelsea FC has already worked with Yash Raj Films’ Jhoom Barabar Jhoom where in Abhishek Bachchan plays a die hard Chelsea fan.

This should also be a good news for Bollywood that big football clubs are willing to invest their resources and money in it since it leads to the diversification of themes on which the present day films are being made (apart from the usual masala movies with lots of item-songs!).

Regarding the profitability and the financial aspect of such films, we have examples of “Chak De India” which was a superhit even after being based on the subject of day-by-day reducing popularity of hockey(ironically our national game) in the nation. And now in a few days, “Goal” is being released as another football-based film, which is touted to be one of the biggest films of this year.

At least now we can say that it’s not just cricket, which sells in India, on and off-screen!