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Katrina Slapped By Salman In Public??

Beautiful actress Katrina Kaif is very angry these days because of a rumour doing rounds saying, she was manhandled by boyfriend Salman Khan and slapped at a public coffee shop in Mumbai.

Very strong it may be… Katrina denies it in your face.

“Enough is enough, I have never talked about my personal life and don’t intend to, and because I have always believed that what is personal is personal. But this is too much. The story that has appeared is utter rubbish and fabricated.”

The fact that the rumour brought her, already infamous, boyfriend Salman Khan into bad shade, upsets her more.
So, here she goes and kicks everyone in their faces who spread the not-so-funny rumour.

“I suspect that it’s been spread by vested interest with ulterior motives. I would like to repeat that nothing of this sort has happened. Normally I don’t like to clarify but sometimes one has to take a stand and this is one of one of those times.”

Regarding her career, she says, she is very pleased with all the work she’s doing and is looking forward to the release of Race, which is been touted as one of the best movies of this year.

Hell… she’s been great!
All her films ‘Namastey London’, ‘Apne’, ‘Partner’ and ‘Welcome’ were super duper hits.

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