Shah Rukh Khan

I was browsing through some of the latest Bollywood gossip on the net today (that I think is much better to do than joining in to discuss about how great the Indian cricket team is and how Pakistan can never be better than us!)… and there I found a nice piece of news that can excite anyone even remotely familiar who Shah Rukh Khan is (and I can bet you… there are many).

So, some blog is reporting that Shah Rukh is planning to cut his ponytail!

It goes on to say that “He felt like an art filmmaker after having his long locks. People keep passing comments, but he likes it. But now that the film (OSO) is over, he (rather his hairstylist) is getting over the new look that he acquired some months ago.”

Well, I think his fans may be having mixed opinions about this news (or rumor… it’s not confirmed). Personally I think his current hairstyle suits his face-cut very well.

I tell you, SRK is not an actor who experiments with his looks that often. But lately, the superstar has begun changing his look. He kept stubble for his role of a hockey coach in Chak De India[tags][/tags]. In between, he also grew his mane and then kept a ponytail, which was making bigger headlines than he himself for quite some time.

But you never know, celebs have their own reasons for changing the way they look. It may be because of some new project… but at least it keeps them in news. I remember when John Abraham made many headlines after he cut his hair… and oh boy, he looks so sexy even without his long locks!