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Heidi Montag: ‘Higher’ Video Gets Slammed!

Heidi Montag, formerly from MTV’s The Hills fame, has released her video for new single ‘Higher’ onto the Internet.

According to PEOPLE: “Directed by ex-fiancé Spencer Pratt, the grainy clip resembles a home movie of Heidi enjoying a day at the beach: She’s climbing on some rocks, chasing some seagulls, running through some waves — all in a pink bikini.”

The video was such a turn-off for scores of fans. I tried to watch it but the dry heaving made it impossible to finish and I’m really embarrassed and sympathetic for her.

You could just see the effect it produced by numerous postings all over the web.

“Heidi Montag can’t sing, can’t dance and I just wanna pop her implants and file down her chin!”

“That is a very horrible video and a even more horrible voice! She is a joke. And spencer is on track just to make some $ off his ugly girl who cant sing and can’t DANCE!!!!”

“It’s Heidi running and jumping in the ocean Baywatch style. It looks like a spoof of someone else’s video, because this video couldn’t possibly be taken seriously.”

If you really think you can watch the whole stuff… even now.. then check it out.

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