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Carol’s Wardrobe Malfunction Scene Shot By Kangana Ranaut (Photo:masaladaily.com)

While Ayesha Takia is loosing out on roles for refusing to strip or kiss, Kangana Ranaut has just shot one of the boldest scenes in Bollywood movies.

The scene was shot for Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion and was based on the wardrobe malfunction incident involving supermodel Carol Gracias.

At a fashion show at Lakme Fashion Week in 2006, Carol’s halter neck dress came off while she was walking on the ramp, and her bare boobs were exposed to the cameras and the audiences. It drew much bad publicity for the model with many people even saying it wasn’t a malfunction itself, but Carol herself did it to grab eyeballs.

Anyways, sources say the scene shot by Kangana is more or less similar to that. The scene shows Kangana Ranaut walking on a ramp when her top slips down.
She didn’t even use a body double for the scene. While shooting the scene on Wednesday, Madhur kept minimum possible people on the sets.

Moreover, Carol herself dropped on the sets to check out the scene.

Well, it would be interesting to see if it gets censored or not… I hope not!

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