sajid khan

Makeover For Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan is one person in Bollywood who can be described not as an actor or a director, though he does both, but as a complete entertainer.

No matter what he does… you’re being entertained and made to laugh more than usual, if he’s around.

The guy recently went for a complete makeover, with his short haircut and weight loss of 20 kilos! That’s not it, actor turned director Sajid Khan is even going to work towards building a physique and is trying hard to reduce smoking.

So, what’s going on?

He answers all the questions in a recent interview.

“Before making Heyy Babyy I weighed 82 kilos. By the time the shooting wrapped up I was overweight by 20 kilos, because during the scripting, shooting and post-production I went through a lot of stress and over-ate all the time.

Then after the release of my movie, I started getting offers from TV so it became necessary to look good again.”

Well said!

I’ve even heard him saying that if Shah Rukh Khan can get a six-pack.. he can get an eight one!

Guess, how many people have been inspired by the Bollywood king… despite the fact that before Om Shanti Om, there were people with abs! But, then that’s why you call him the ‘king’.

About direction, he says:

“Direction is an amalgamation of art, science and commerce. It is a responsible and thankless job because a director is just expected to do well. He has to answer 1000 questions, each day, from the producer to the light man and he has to answer them even if he doesn’t have answers to them.”

He’s been receiving quite a many offers after the huge success of his directorial debut ‘Heyy Babyy‘.