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Britney Spears Did Not Attempt Suicide

Britney Spears was reported to have attempted suicide today after her fallout with manager Sam Lufti and all the tension going on regarding paparazzi lover Adnan.

It was a rumour though… and nothing was confirmed before breaking out the story, but many people do believe the pop star really tried to take her life.

A source is now claiming that Spears did NOT attempt suicide, but admits that a doctor was at the star’s home this evening.

Personally, I don’t think she’s that weak a person to bend before all that’s going on in her life and I do have people supporting me.

The trouble started when more than usual cops, paprazzis, local news vans and a helicopter arrived on the scene. The singer had been taken to UCLA Medical Center and placed on a “5150 hold,” meaning she would be held involuntarily because she poses a danger to herself or others.

But later, Britney Spear’s mother Lynne had arrived at her daughter’s home late Wednesday night and told media: “Britney is fine.”

Moreover, TMZ reports that: Law enforcement sources have told us their arrival at Britney’s house has been planned all evening.

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