Hannah Montana” star Miley Cyrus has once again found her in the midst of a dirty controversy.

Reportedly, photos of the 15-year-old TV and music starlet in her underwear and bikini have leaked to blogs.

In the photos, Cyrus is seen in two separate pictures lifting up her shirt while wearing underwear. In another, she’s seen posing in a bikini with another unidentified female. While it appears to be Miley, some have speculated that the photos are doctored and perhaps Photo-shopped.

I remember, not long ago, a photo of the girl with some friend of hers, posing them sharing a candy in their mouths, did rounds on the web with people labeling her as a lesbian. Though the matter was buried quickly but these kind of things do harm someone’s career, especially, at such a tender age.

“It’s time someone close to her put a stop to this. Who does she want to see these photos? She is only 15 right? I know every week you say that you have seen worse on MySpace, but these are getting pretty close to the edge.”

Look at Vanessa Hudgens.. after her nude pics were released on the web. Hell! The Playboy people wanted to sign her up!

Miley Cyrus, drawn into the spotlight because of her famous father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and her hit show Hannah Montana, seems to be just another victim of a public that is overly eager to prove that no one is perfect.