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George Clooney In Delhi!

So, where was George Clooney if he did give Screen Actors Guild Awards a miss?

Right here… in Delhi!

George is presently in the Capital since Sunday, and no, it’s not sight-seeing that has caught his fancy. The actor is here to do some homework.

Clooney has been chosen to promote United Nations Peace Keeping Force and has been in the Capital, meeting officials from Ministry of External Affairs.

What’s more!
He will be declared the ‘Messenger of Peace’ formally at a press conference in New York on Thursday.

The Ocean’s Eleven star, along with UN Assistant Secretary for Peacekeeping Operations Jane Holl Lute, was touring Africa earlier last week, where he saw the important role played by Indian peacekeeping forces.

Now, he and Lute have flown down to India for a diplomatic effort to make India take part in the Contingent Owned Equipment Manual Review Exercise to be held in New York Feb 4-22.

That’s kinda diplomatic.. and we’re not interested in that.

Guess what.. while he was doing all that work, George was nominated for the Oscars for ‘Best Actor in Leading Role’ category for his performance in ‘Michael Clayton’.

It’s also been reported that Geri Halliwell’s fellow Spice Girls are attempting to hook her up with him. They recently went on ‘Good Morning America’ and tried to convince Clooney to dump his girlfriend Sarah Larson and go out with Halliwell!

Lot’s going for him these days!

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