Time has come for another post about the best things we got to hear from out beloved Bollywood celebs.

Check out the top 5-

670 Bipasha Basu2

“I am glad that I don’t stay in Kolkata forever.

I would’ve become a plump rosgolla by now.”

Bong Bombshell Bipasha Basu is glad to be away from the sweets of Kolkata

653 Priyanka Chopra Compressed

“I think I would cringe on seeing anyone in the Hindi film industry naked on screen. When you watch a movie with your family it gets difficult not to react.

I think sensuality is more appealing than a full monty.

It’s just too much in your face. And that is ugly.”

Priyanka Chopra is freaked out by the thought of male nudity in Bollywood


“I have to do regular exercise and get back in proper shape and look like a hero.

There’s lot of work to do and I hope to be in shape soon.”

Post-bail Sanjay Dutt is working hard to get back into shape

10 10 2005 katrina kaif

“I enjoy doing South films. You know why? Because they have dance steps which are liberated and filmi and I can dance freely on those numbers, but somehow I’m not getting the same here.

I’m dying to do a filmi song which real jhatkas and matkas”

Katrina Kaif can’t wait to do a Bollywood dance number


“There is this scene where the director wanted Katrina to pick me up and carry me safely away from the fire.

But he was so hesitant because I am supposed to be this macho action hero.

But when I heard it I loved it!”

Action hero Akshay Kumar doesn’t mind being saved by a girl