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Britney Bares Boobs On Video!

Britney Spears managed to bare her boobs and get them recorded in a video while practicing her dance moves at the Millennium Studio in LA.

The video of her changing her top in between the practice session is doing rounds on Internet and is available on

She starts out fully clothed then makes her way down to a leotard that fails to encapsulate her Brit-boobs. It’s pretty grainy and looks like it’s shot through the fly of somebody’s pants.

Spears visited the privately-rented dance studio with manager Sam Lutfi who apparently was the only person other than Britney in the studio at the time of the wardrobe malfunction. Before it happened, Lutfi was seen filming the pop tart using a video camera. videographers, however, managed to capture the ‘Yet another Britney baring’ through a crack in the door from outside the dance studio!

This is really interesting.. after all the trouble, it was the last thing she would have expected to happen. And what the hell! She can’t even change her clothes also! Paparazzi capture anything she does 24×7… from a crack if they have to!

The video was probably shot from someone’s wiener… and recorded using a mirror.
Thats how desperate the paparazzi have become to try and get photos and video of Britney

I won’t be surprised to see a video showing Britney doing shit in future!

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