josh and fergie

Fergie’s Boyfriend Josh Duhamel bought a stripper pole recently to spice up their sex life!
Now here is a couple who like to experiment with new things to keep away from the boredom and the really hectic schedule that they both have. See photos below.

Josh Duhamel is the star of NBC’s “Las Vegas“. He was also one of the main characters in the summer’s big action flick Transformers.

Now I am a big Black Eyed peas fan and I don’t see anything unusual in this act, since it’s their private life and we should not peep every now and then what people are doing in their bedrooms but I’ve heard Fergie’s fans raising an eyebrow over the pastime, that they are having.

“It’s a fun thing. Lots of people in Los Angeles pole dance for exercise so I don’t see what the big deal is”, she says.

Ya really, it’s not a big deal Fergie and I don’t see this as some news-making act also… since she doesn’t have to do anything specifically for making the headlines… hardcore fans follow everything you do, if you’re such a big celebrity as she is.

Now, not only Josh dances for her wearing thigh-high boots but he does so ONLY to her music too! Now that’s cute… at least they’re keeping their relationship hot and new.

More pictures are below.

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