Angelina and Brad

Is Angelina Jolie Really Pregnant?

If it’s true… it will be the most talked-about thing for a while.

Angelina Jolie made numerous headlines by gracing the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony by her presence… but, for other reasons!

She strolled down the red carpet dressed in a flowy and loose fitting vintage Hermes dress, that many believed, hid any suspicious bumps.

The couple has been at the center of rumors all week, that the actress is expecting twins, and that she and Pitt are planning to adopt a Hurricane Katrina orphan.

“Brad and Angelina are absolutely ecstatic,” a source told Star magazine.

But there has been no official confirmation from Jolie or Pitt and the rumours of them having twins.. seem to be far-fetched right now.

While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt upped the wattage by double-teaming down the ruby rug, her brown/beige sack did nothing to further cutting edge fashion – or stem those rumours she was covering up a twins-sized baby (or is that babies?) bump.

Angelina and Brad2

The sweet neckline dress was a nice change from the blacks and greys that Jolie has safely stuck with during her recent red carpet appearances.

It wasn’t an easy dress to carry off but we think she did it with aplomb despite subdued hair styling and makeup.

Well, it would be wonderful if she were pregnant again. They love babies (hell, they already have four!), they love each other, and can afford to care for more children.

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