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Saif Slashed Palm For Kareena!

Now this is something right off from some Bollywood masala movie.

It’s been reported that apparently Saif slashed his palm to proclaim his love for Kareena Kapoor! The actor returned from Greece recently after shooting for a movie with a bandage on his palm, which many believe was because he was asked to prove his love for his new girlfriend who had broken up earlier from young star Shahid Kapoor amongst much media hype.

A few of their friends were also sitting around them, when they began teasing Saif to prove his love for Kareena. Sources claim that in order to prove how much he loved Kareena, Saif took a knife lying nearby and slit his palm. This left Kareena as well all the others around them shocked.

However there was a bit of trouble between them over some issue and Saif said he had hurt himself with a piece of glass.

But you never know… this is Bollywood and people do commit to each other!

Saif has even tattooed Kareena’s name on his hand to prove how much he loves her. However he has even proved that he can do anything for her. The gash on Saif’s palm was quite deep and he seems to be really into this relationship.

“Getting Saif and Kareena out of their vanity van was a task! The two refused to come out when they were cosying up in their vanity van, even as the crew waited for them.”

One thing is for sure… Kareena seems to have everything going her way these days.. Jab We Met, Saif Ali Khan and daily yoga have done wonders to her confidence and glow.

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