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Angelina Jolie’s Beauty Secret!

Angelina Jolie has made many women jealous of her beautiful skin and facial glow. Much has been said, written and also guessed at the miracle formula.

The good news is that her little secret is now out!

Angelina has started rubbing caviar into her skin to keep it alive. To combat the problems after her heavy weight loss, she started having a special $400-a-time treatment which uses a cream made from the eggs of the Baerii sturgeon, reared on farms in the South of France.

The actress is wrapped up in tight bandages so her body sweats out toxins before she is slathered in the cream, which claims to fight ‘slackened skin and loss of firmness’. The treatment can last up to three hours.

What gives more credibility to the cream, apart from the fact that Angelina’s using it is the fact that other celebs are also benefiting from it! The list includes Gwyneth Paltrow, Sir Mick Jagger, supermodel Kate Moss and fashion designer Stella McCartney.

So, if you’re planning to shed off some years from your face… it’s your best bet!

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