Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue Back To The ‘Date Game’

Singer and actress Kylie Minogue is dating again!

After her split with French actor Olivier Martinez last year, she’s back to playing what she loves and knows best… the dating game.

“I enjoy dating, so I’m not totally alone. Don’t worry about it.”

But she’s not rushing towards having a serious relationship.

“It’s not that long ago I came out of my last relationship. A year had gone by really quickly with me running out of illness and trying to just embrace health as much as possible. So I haven’t really had that much time to sit and feel like where’s Mr Right? I’m sure he’s making his way,” she added.

Among other things, she is planning to bring her new live show KylieX2008, to Australia as soon as possible. Kylie is also quietly planning a permanent return to her native Melbourne because she gets more and more nostalgic about her youth there when she visits.

“I always come back – it is one of my homes. It’s my heart’s home. And I just have a really dumb happy look on my face every time I land.”

Kylie was recently in news when her bodyguard was involved in a verbal and physical stoush with a female paparazza at Los Angeles international airport.

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