Lubna Hussein, a Sudanese journalist, was arrested in July for wearing….pants! Of all things, people. Read more about the story below.


The incident occurred on July 3rd in Khartoum, when Lubna Hussein and 12 other women were quietly having dinner at a restaurant when police officers descended upon them and arrested the women for wearing pants.

Following the arrest, 10 of the women paid their fine and were flogged (lashed), while Hussein and the other two women opted to plead not guilty. She was charged with indecency and for this heinous crime (yes, sarcasm is my forte) of wearing pants, Hussein faced receiving 40 lashes. According to Sudanese law, Article 152 to be exact, women are not allowed to wear pants in public and is deemed an ‘indecent act”.

Several activist groups in Sudan claim that the law violates the 2005 constitution. Hussein said:

“The charge is in contradiction of the 2005 constitution. The law also contradicts the human rights charter included in the constitution and stated in the comprehensive peace agreement. And I can also tell you, as far as I know as a Muslim, article 152 is in contradiction of Islamic Sharia law.”   

Hussein worked for the United Nations and because of her position there, she could have been awarded immunity instead of being prosecuted, but she decided to quit her job and stand trial. She was convicted of indecency charges due to her wearing pants in public and was fined $200. Thankfully the lashing punishment was dropped. She refused to pay the fine and was arrested. She spent only one night in jail, and was released after a Sudanese journalist union paid the fine against her wishes. She was said to have been unhappy that her fine was paid, as she told friends and family not to pay it. She added, “I am also not happy because there are more than 700 women still in the prison who have got no one to pay for them.”

So let’s open this up for discussion, readers. Tell me your thoughts regarding this case. There’s a related video regarding Hussein’s story below as well.