The world’s tallest man is Sultan Kosen! Guinness Book of Records measured him at 8ft 1in, which officially makes him the world’s tallest man.

Sultan Kosen

Sultan Kosen from Turkey is now the official tallest man in the world. Another man was up for the running claiming to be 8ft 5in but refused to be measured because he hates his height, and does not want to be famous. So this made Sultan able to claim the title.

Kosen also holds the record for the largest hands and feet. Sultan is a part time farmer, and must use crutches, as he has bad knee joints.

This is just incredible, natural anomalies always amaze me, as they tend to be rather spectacular. Sultan looks like he is enjoying the spotlight in the pictures.

Fox news had a sexpert make a list of tips for finding a woman that is pretty funny, including Go anywhere tall women go. And Get a dog, as they “make any owner more approachable.” You can check out the full list here.

What are your dating tips? Would you approach Sultan? He seems like a good natured guy! Tell me n the comments below.

Enjoy a picture gallery and video, also found below.

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